Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hours Left to Enter!

 I just wanted to remind everyone that there are only a few hours left and counting, before my giveaway ends! So, enter one last time, while you still can! U.S followers only for this giveaway. Don't miss out on the chance to win all the goodies I lovingly picked out! I will be doing another giveaway once the holidays get closer.

Also, I want to thank everyone again for following my blog! I now have 53 followers and I'm so thrilled, that I was able to reach that many people! I appreciate all of you for taking the time out of your busy days to read my posts. The reason I created this blog was to meet new friends that love the same thing I do: Disney! I wanted to be able to share my passion for art, fashion, and all things beautiful with other girls, that would cherish it as much as I do. I hope my blog continues to grow, and inspire more people, because my blog's main theme has always been about following your dreams. Thank you again, everyone!


  1. I'd love to see more merchandise stuff! Disney merchandise are always the best =)

    1. I will make a note of that! :) Thanks for entering. Good luck!!!


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