Monday, October 29, 2012

Disney Halloween Tricks and Treats!

Halloween is this Wednesday!!! Whether you're attending a party or having your own, these Disney treats will surely make you scream with delight! Cackle your way over here for more ghoulishly fun Disney recipes and crafts, you can make with friends and family! Have fun!

Haunted Mansion cupcakes!

Nightmare Before Christmas bento box! 

Get together with friends and little ones for some fun Disney crafts!
Decorate your home with adorable Mickey bats!
I don't know if I can eat these Jack Skellington cookies. It's too cute!
Poison apple cookies, anyone? 

What are your plans for Halloween?? Leave a comment! I always love hearing from all of you!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Look

 Alice in Wonderland is a quirky story full of vibrant characters. I remember when I saw Tim Burton's version of the story, I was completely in love with every single outfit Alice wore in the movie. Here are several items I picked out to create a more sophisticated every day wear for Alice.

I feel like if Alice were living in the real modern world, she would keep her look very feminine. Think pearls, ribbons, and rosettes!

All items are from And the beauty of forever21 is...most of their clothes are affordable!

Have any tips for a Disney inspired fashion look? Just leave a comment! Have a great weekend, Princesses!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Loveliness of Cinderella!

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary! And as an anniversary gift, he took me to Disneyland, and surprised me with the Sephora's Cinderella limited edition nail polish set, and the perfume "So This Is Love". Check it out, Princesses!

For my first mani with the Cinderella, A Brush With Fate nail polish set, I used these colors. The dark blue is called  "Blue My Curfew" and the glittery silver blue  is "So Totally Enchanted". I love the names! 

I love the Blue My Curfew. It's so rich and lustrous. 

I used the Totally Enchanted on my thumb nail only to contrast the look. 

I can't wait to try out the other colors! I'm still a beginner at manicures, so please feel free to give me any tips!
Look at the beautiful bottle design!

I LOVE the So This Is Love perfume. The scent is delicate and romantic. It lasts throughout the day and well into the night.

Remember to buy Cinderella on Blu-Ray before it  goes back into the Disney Vault! Special features includes the short movie, Tangled Ever After; a behind the scenes look at the construction of the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World and much more! 
As always, please share your thoughts! I always reply back to everyone. Thanks, lovelies!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello Princesses! Are you ready to geek out? Growing up, I did watch some of the cartoon series, Voltron: Defender of the Universe. I fondly remember the team of humans known as the Voltron Force and how each of their vehicles would join together, to form the super robot, which they would use to defend the galaxy!  Anyone else remember that!? 

 This special Voltron is a collision of Disney characters and Japanese awesomeness! Produced by Bandai, this Disney Super Robot will be launched in Japan next March! There are seven robots (not counting Pluto's cool dog house) that you combine to form a spectacular Disney robot! It's truly a piece of art work and a worthy collectors item for any Disney fan and Voltron fan!

This Super Alloy Disney King Robo: Mickey and Friends is priced at 13,400 yen, which is $169 US dollars (I think it's worth that price). It is 22 cm tall and will have it's first public showing this weekend at Tokyo Akihabara, in Japan!

How exciting!!! My boyfriend and I love to collect toys, so I don't think we can miss out on this nerdtastic piece. What kind of toys do you collect? Share your thoughts! I read every comment and I always reply!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspirational Video for my Princesses

Good Morning, Princesses! I was laying in bed and checking my phone, which I normally do in the morning as if it was the daily paper and I saw this! I want to share this very beautiful and inspiring Disney video I just watched a few minutes ago. Enjoy!

What beauty is to me...

After watching the video, I got out of bed and came straight to my computer to blog about it. The video resonated with me. I was very blessed to have parents that took me to Disneyland often when I was a little girl. So, growing up, I've always wanted to be a Disney Princess. Now, that I'm 28 years old, I still have the same dream and it's because the Disney Princesses give me inspiration. They're kind, giving, and compassionate; all the qualities I believe every person should possess in this world.

My boyfriend of almost two years now, makes me feel beautiful, because he accepts every part of me. But it has to start with yourself, first. You must love yourself for who you are. Loving yourself does not make you vain. It's about being happy with who you are and who you will become. If you love yourself and you accept your flaws, you can be happy! You'll start seeing a wonderful change and attract more positive things into your life.

Things that make me feel beautiful inside...

I've decided to become more active in volunteering for good causes this year; such as homeless shelters, helping the elderly, and working with children. Anything to put a smile on someones' face really makes my day. It can be simple gestures that are often overlooked, such as saying "have a nice day" to someone, can truly brighten their day and yours. It's the little things in life that matter most. I think many of us lose sight of that and become caught up in a busy lifestyle, that we forget those things. Seeing others happy, makes me happy. One day, I would love to start my own foundation, to raise money for children that has never been to Disneyland, so that they can go and experience the magic. What ever that makes you feel beautiful and happy, whether it's art, music, sports, that uplift your spirit, then go for it! Never give up on your dreams!

Beauty is skin deep. I started this blog with the hope of inspiring girls my age or younger, that they deserve to feel like a Princess. No matter what shape or size you are, and skin color, you are a Princess and you are beautiful!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Breaking 80!

Hello Princesses! I'm very excited that I now have 82 followers! I really didn't think my blog would get this much recognition and appreciation from all of you. I have a lot planned for my blog and once I have the funds, I will put those plans into motion. Several exciting things I plan on doing are; business cards to promote my blog, Disney Princess inspired nails, make up, and fashion. 

Also, with Christmas not too far away, I will be having my second give away! This will be titled the Ultimate Princess Giveaway. And this time it will be open to my international followers, as well. I plan on making this give away extra special, since it's for xmas, and I usually get VERY giddy over the holidays.

Thank you all again for following and giving me inspiration. I love sharing stories with each of you and getting to know each of you more. Always remember to be the Princess and follow your dreams!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Disney Fun Outing

Good Evening, Princesses! So, I'm taking a break from studying for a midterm, to uploads pics from my outing last weekend. My boyfriend and I met up with our friends at Downtown Disney for dinner and some catching up. Since Mickey's Halloween Party, my boyfriend and I haven't gone to Disneyland, which is a little strange for us, since we usually go every other weekend. Boo to the rise in gas prices! Anyway, enjoy the pics! 

I was very excited to see the Minnie Mouse nail polish collection by O.P.I at The Disney Vault!  How cute is the locket that says Evil Queen.  
Of course, WonderGround Gallery is my favorite place to visit at Downtown Disney. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should and soon! I love the Hipster Mickey ceramic coffee cup.

I literally squealed with excitement when I walked into Sephora and saw the Cinderella make up collection! The storybook eye shadow palette and nail polish colors are so pretty! I tried on the So This Is Love perfume and I immediately wanted it. The scent was not too sweet and not too musky. It was delicate, romantic, and elegant. 

The Lego Store is always fun to visit!

I'm so sorry I've been M.IA a lot. I have so many great ideas for upcoming posts, but I haven't had the chance to put them into action yet. I want to thank all of you for being so patient and for continuing to follow my blog. As always, please leave comments and let me know how all of you are doing! Thanks!  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pics from Mickey's Halloween Party!

Hello Princesses! Hope everyone is doing well. Last week, my boyfriend and I, along with his awesome cousins, went to Mickey's Halloween Party! We chose Peter Pan as the costume theme! This was my second year attending Mickey's Halloween Party. I must apologize that I didn't to take as many pictures as I wanted to. I was very distracted by the spooktacular decorations and music! 

If you have never attended Mickey's Halloween Party, you really should! There are trick or treat stations throughout the park, and plenty of villains you don't see during normal park hours, out and about for you to take pictures with! Check out select dates here and purchase your tickets now! The closer you wait to Halloween, the more expensive the tickets are. And if you're an Annual Passholder, you get a discount! So, go make some memories with your loved ones!

Hey, look! It's John, Peter, and Slightly!

My boyfriend hiding behind his Crocodile costume. =P

John and Michael! How adorable is this picture!

Ghostly Mickey!

Michael with the Crocodile? Wat!

Lost Girls! 

This group of friends had pretty awesome costumes! 

Bye, Belle! 

For your enjoyment, this is a short video I recorded while we were just hanging around Main Street. It's not much, BUT, I absolutely love how Disneyland used the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Everyone was pretty tired from walking around haha. And please ignore my weird sounding voice on! =P

Thought I'd share some really cool new Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise!

I was sad that the Indiana Jones ride is currently closed. =( 

Mine and my boyfriend's candy haul!

 Some trick or treat trails have healthy snacks available, such as packets of apples, craisins, and carrots. Just ask for them! =)

What are your Halloween plans? Are any of you dressing up as Disney characters? Please leave a comment. I love hearing from all of you!