Thursday, January 24, 2013

Short Break!

Hello Princesses,

My most sincere apology for not having posted anything for the last two weeks. I'm finding it very difficult to cater to my personal needs and expectations of my Disney blog.  I love it to pieces, but I don't think I can blog weekly like I used to. Not because I'm lazy, not because I don't care for my followers, but because blogging specifically about Disney can be a little challenging. For me to keep up with the most current Disney news, fashion, and products is kind of a lot of work for me at the moment. Right now, my interests are elsewhere, such as academics, graduating, and preparing for internships.

It's my last year of college and I really need to focus on studying. I'm also applying to two very important internships this summer and if I get accepted into one of them, I highly doubt I'll have time to blog at all, sadly. I also have an interview this Saturday for a gallery in Santa Monica, which I'm looking forward to.

Blogging is sort of a lifestyle and I commend those of you with blogs that manage to keep it up! The next big event I will be blogging about is the highly anticipated D23 Expo in August, which I will be attending with my boyfriend. I will try to blog about random Disneyland visits here and there. ^_^

I do hope most of you stick around. I've met so many cool girls through blogging and I would hate it if we stop chatting. So, thank you all for the support and I hope I get to keep in touch with most of you!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Return From The Holi-Daze!

 Hello Princesses! I am so sorry for my absence. First off, Happy New Year to all of you! I hope every one of you had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Years.

I have been taking a much needed break from the computer and all internet related things during my winter break, to focus on reading great books, spending time with my boyfriend, friends, and family. 

This past weekend my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of staying over at the Disney hotel, Paradise Pier! Thanks to my boyfriend's family, who was kind enough to include us on their trip. I was very excited because it was our first time staying the night at a Disney hotel. Our room had a theme park view where we were able to watch The World of Color! 

If you haven't had drinks at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar, at the Disney hotel, then you're missing out. The moment you step into the bar, you are transported to the whimsy atmosphere of the Tiki Room at Adventure Land. There are specialty drinks that come along with mini shows such as the Shipwreck, Krakatoa Punch, and the Uh Oa! It's the perfect watering hole for parents to take a short break from the kids, and unwind to some surprisingly strong drinks. If you're feeling hungry while you're there, order the Ahi Poke. It is the perfect companion to your drink. 

Ahi Poke- Tuna atop avocado with spicy mayo, seaweed, and fried wonton crisps. 

Besides Goofy's Kitchen, Storyteller's Cafe at the Grand Californian Hotel serves a beautiful breakfast buffet where you are visited by some Disney characters while you eat. Personally, I like Storyteller's Cafe more than Goofy's Kitchen. 
The hashbrowns, bacon, and scrambled egg whites were really good! 

Best thing about Storyteller's Cafe? They bring you complimentary Mickey waffles and pancakes! 

My Godson...the baby ewok!!! Isn't he ADORABLE?
 Thanks everyone for not abandoning my blog. Now that I'm back from the holidays, I'll be posting more often. I was going to have a second giveaway in December, but things got so hectic that I wasn't able to do it. I am sincerely sorry about that. =( BUT...that doesn't mean I won't be having one at all. To celebrate 2013, I've decided to take a poll on what all of you would like to have in the giveaway. List a few items in your comments and I'll do my best to accommodate to your requests! The more comments, the better! I want to make my followers happy. Have a great weekend, Princesses!