Friday, August 3, 2012

Disneyland Park Products=AWESOME

While at Disneyland for my Birthday I not only took pictures of my adventure, but of new and cute merchandise around the park, as well!

I love these big headed Boba Fett plushies! You can find these at the The Star Trader store in Tomorrowland. Let your inner Star Wars geek come out and play! =D

This shirt made me giggle. 

Duffy as Goofy! You can pretty much find Duffy plushies in every store at Disneyland.  He's so adorable and cuddly!

I'll have to get one of these when I go back. I love leopard print stuff, and it's pink, as well! Perfect combo! You can find animal print ears at the Adventureland Bazaar.

Who else loves Disney Turkey legs?? 

I was excited when I saw these cute robot necklaces and rings. It was hard to take a good picture of them, so I'm sorry. =( But you get the idea of how adorable they are. You can find them at the Adventureland Bazaar!

Have you heard about the awesome new glowing Mickey ear hats!?  They light up in sync with the World of Color show! How, that's clever. You can find these at the new Five N Dime store on Buena Vista Street, at Disney's California Adventure. 
New mini top hats in Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Look cute and a little bit...mad with this hat. =P Part of the new attraction, The Mad T Party!

Conductor Mickey! Find him at the Five N Dime. 

They now have Minnie Mouse pillow pets!

New cool merchandise for the Mad T Party. Five N Dime.

Have you tried Disney popcorn? There are many delicious flavors, such as caramel, cookies n cream,  cheddar cheese, kettle corn, cinnamon, and confetti!

Mmm Mickey Shortbread Cookies.

This is at Marceline's Confectionery. The store has a lot of yummy treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth. 

An assortment of jellybeans for your choosing!

 So pretty and romantic. Check out the rest of the Disney Wedding products at The World of Disney, in Downtown Disney.

Remember how I blogged about the ear hat ornaments a while back? Well, they are finally here! You can find them at The World of Disney.

All of the ear hat ornaments.

Get ready for the holidays with a Stitch ornament!

Precious Moments Disney series. 

Alice in Wonderland tote bag.

This pen is SO cute. When you press the button, Stitch's body pops out!

Duffy army! 

Duffy wristlets. I have one myself. =) 

Haha yeah...I know this seems like a random pic, but I get amused by random things like this.

Please, don't forget to share your thoughts! Which item caught your eye? I always love hearing from all  of you.Thanks!


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