Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration at Disneyland- Saturday

Hello, to all of my lovely Princesses! I'm sorry that I've been M.I.A this past weekend, that's because I just celebrated my 28th Birthday! Yes, I'm kind of old. =P My boyfriend treated me to two days of Disneyland fun. We went early on Saturday and met up with his cousin Pat and his wife Brooke with their adorable kids. Then returned on Monday the 30th (my official Birthday) to have a Birthday breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen 

I took A LOT of pictures (most of them related to what all of you've been requesting for. I'll be splitting the pictures I took of my adventure at Disneyland into two parts (Saturday and Monday). Then, I'll be blogging about the cool merchandise I found while I was there into another post of its own.

Started off with lunch at the Mary Poppins themed restaurant, the Jolly Holiday. Definitely try the Cherry Tree Lane Lemonade. Very tarty and refreshing!

I got the ham and cheese quiche. It was very good. 

My boyfriend got the Angus Sandwich with horseradish. He loved it. =)

The quiche comes with a salad and your choice of dressing. I try to avoid eating too heavy while at Disneyland, and for a ham and cheese, it was surprisingly light. 

Yay! =D

My boyfriend told me to try on a sun hat. He said I looked very Asian with it on lol.

On the bridge that leads to Fantasyland. I think I look derpy here.

My favorite ride growing up. Peter Pan. =)

I was on the hunt for a cute sunhat. Seriously, it was like 100 degrees out on Saturday.

Time for ice cream!

Disneyland smiles!

Entering Buena Vista Street!

My boyfriend and I got really excited  when we saw the Rocketeer on the far right! Shame they didn't include his  awesome helmet . 

She was a bit shy when I asked to take a pic of her cute outfit. 

Cars Land is no longer blocked off, so you can just walk right in!

The Cozy Cone Motel.

The car was bumpin "Party Rock Anthem" as it was driving down Radiator Springs.

My dream wedding dress. You can see it as you're coming out from The Grand California Hotel, going back  to Downtown Disney. 

My boyfriend's cousins and their kids were staying at the Disneyland Hotel, so we went to meet them for some poolside fun and dinner. 
Beautiful view of the swimming pool.

They stayed at the Adventure Land Tower.

This was on the wall above the beds in their hotel room. It lights up and plays Disney music. 

The view from their room.

The water slides are designed after the Disneyland monorail!

For awe factor. Their baby, Kani, enjoying the water with his dad Pat. So cute!!!

Why you no smile, Kani?? 

Their other two cute kids, Ahi and Kai. They were having a lot of fun playing in the car. 
Having too much fun...haha.

We decided to have dinner at Steakhouse 55 that is located in the hotel area, right next to Goofy's Kitchen. When you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with a sense of Classic Hollywood. There are black and white photographs of celebrities that have dined there, along with Walt Disney. The service is wonderful. I give this restaurant 5 stars. 

The kids shared chicken pasta. They were very nice in splitting  it into two plates for them.

Cooked scallops with Wasabi Vinaigrette. I'm a huge fan of seafood, and I was VERY impressed by how amazing these scallops were cooked. They were perfectly crispy on the outside and the center just melted in your mouth like butter. 

My boyfriend and I shared the 20 oz Porterhouse Steak. Great dry rub and cooked medium rare.  I don't have steak often at all, nor do I crave it much, but this was VERY good. The meat was very tender.

Brooke ordered the Lobster tail with butter. I tried some of it and the lobster meat was fresh, sweet, and just OH SO GOOD. 

Yukon Gold Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Rosemary.

Sauteed green beans with Applewood smoked bacon.

Sauteed Mushrooms. 

Chocolate mouuse with Mickey sprinkles and fresh raspberries. =)

Everyone else looks great. I look tired from the heat and being in a food coma.

Taking the monorail at Downtown Disney back to Disneyland park. 

Good night Sleeping Beauty's Castle. See you again, soon!

Please, come back tomorrow to see more pictures of my adventure at Disneyland!!! Thanks everyone!


  1. you make disney look like so much fun for adults! lol, now i want to go! following you now from twitter. cute site!

    1. I believe you can never be too old for Disneyland. =D Thank you for following, I appreciate it! Hope you enjoy reading my posts, as much as I enjoy writing them. <3

  2. Well happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful time! We will be headed there for my sons birthday (haha he was born on the 31st) he's on LOVE with Cars. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday!! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics!

    1. Hi Miss Ashley! Good to hear from you. Thank you very much! Ooh that's exciting. A Happy Birthday to him! =) I can't wait to see pics of your adventure at Disneyland!

  3. The pictures look really good! disneyland is always fun:)

    1. Hi Dani, thank you! I completely agree. =D

  4. Wahh looks so much fun! And all the food looks amazing! Happy belated birthday Wendy! Just looking at these photos I can tell you had a good one xP And that CM's outfit really does look cute! xD

  5. Hey! Omg the food was SO good. Definitely go there for dinner, the next time you want to splurge at Disneyland. It's well worth it! Her outfit is adorable, isn't it? I want to work in that store, so I can dress like that every day ha! And thank you for the bday wish. <3


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