Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Perks of being a D23 member!

 Welcome fellow Disney geeks to my first post, the first of many Disney adventures! And thank you for making your way to my small part of the internet and visiting my tiny blog! I want to share my experiences with you so far in joining the club. For those who don't know what D23 is, it's a club by Disney FOR Disney fans like us! With the GOLD membership (which I joined) you get a one year subscription of Disney Twenty-Three magazines, which features exclusive articles on Disney movies, products, upcoming Disney events, along with awesome discounts! It’s a total BEHIND THE SCENES type of magazine that is totally worth the gold membership!

Official certificate! How cute is Donald as various Disney characters? 

When you join, you get a card with your name in the back. Dale looks adorably derpy here haha.

Special edition of the D23 magazine. Gorgeous opaque cover of Snow White.

A week after receiving my D23 package, the Spring edition with Thor and the Black Widow on the cover was sent to me, along with an awesome Thor patch! Awesome addition to my Super Hero collection.

One of the many fun articles in the Spring edition includes several pages of the highly anticipated Summer movie, Pixar's Brave! I am definitely going to be first in line to see it. What about you? =D

I look forward to sharing my upcoming Disney adventures with you! And thanks for being a part of the magic. Come back SOON for more Disney updates and remember...Make it PINK. ;)

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  1. Very Cool:) I want to get the Silver Membership!


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