Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cinderella shoes by Christian Louboutin

So, for a while now, I've been waiting to see Cinderella's shoes designed by Christian Louboutin, At last, Princesses, the wait is over! The slippers were revealed in Paris on July 4th. Christian Louboutin was asked by Disney to put his own creativity on Cinderella's most cherished, and iconic glass slippers, in honor of the release of "Cinderella" on blu-ray this fall *squee of excitement*. I think the shoes embody the romance, love, and dreams do come true, that Disney's Cinderella is all about. 

Every little girl must have dreamed of owning a pair of Cinderella's glass slippers!

(Picture credit to Walt Disney Studios)
(Picture credit to Walt Disney Studios)

 Do you like Christian Louboutin's modern take on Cinderella's glass slippers? Would you wear them?  Please share your opinions!

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