Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disneyland Outing!

Hey everyone! So, last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland again just to hang out haha. I want to share some new cute stuff they have at World of Disney for girls. When ever we go to Anaheim, we always stop at Sonic, since they don't have one near where I live waah! So, if you're hungry and want to eat somewhere before going to Disneyland, go to Sonic! 

I recommend the Chili Cheese Coney! SO GOOD! Also, get the Strawberry Limead  to go with it!

I'm definitely getting this when I go back! I'll probably use it as a wallet hehe.

My boyfriend bought the Storm Trooper helmet at the Star Trader store next to Star Tours. I'm getting my own next time. I look like a bobble head. =P

Stitch as Grievous! I had to get it. 

I know this is a pretty short post compared to my Cars Land one, but I love sharing my Disney adventures with all of you! Also, I'll be seeing Brave this Friday, so I'm really excited about that! Who else is going to go watch it? =D

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