Monday, June 25, 2012

Disney Fashion Daily Deal!

I just found these as part of the Disney Store daily deal and had to share it with everyone! These are a few of my favorites that's on sale right now. Don't miss out on them. Sizes are very limited!

I'm a huge fan of Disney pajamas. Nothing better than coming home, changing into comfy Disney pjs and relaxing with a Disney movie. Happy shopping, Princesses!


  1. Aww I want the first shirt!!! When i was in grade school until high school even.. for some odd reasons i always have the role of Cinderella during plays (so ive played cinderella for about 4 times) haha I also had a very unlucky day where i lost one of my shoe during a fire drill (and it was a guy who found it too) so everyone was calling me cinderella.. haha sorry I ended up telling you a story about my life XD

    1. Awww that's so cool! I love the Cinderella top, too. It's so cute. I've always pictured myself either being Belle or Rapunzel. They're such dreamers and so am I. =D


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