Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shopping at Disney Vault 28

The best place to shop for clothes in Downtown Disney is Disney Vault 28. They have some tops and accessories from one of my personal favorites; the Disney Couture line. The Vault 28 boutique caters more toward us grown up Princesses, that wants to show our Disney love through our outfits, with a stylish touch! There are also great art works from the Disney Underground artists hanging on the walls, which you should not miss! They also have a guys section!

This is part of LeSportsac's Disney It's a Small World Summer 2012 collection!

Don't you just love the mermaid charm?

A cute purse adds a nice final touch to any Disney inspired outfit!

I love tees and tanks that look vintage. This would look great with jeans.

Tote by Dooney and Bourke. You can check out  the rest of the collection here.

I love these owl rings, especially the pink one.

I'm also excited to share that visual artist Sean D'Anconia will be at Disney Vault 28 4-6pm, this Saturday, to launch Danconia Studios Mayumi-Gumi collection! The brand includes apparel, accessories, and art! Hope to see most of you at the event! =)


  1. I've never ventured into Vault 28! But after reading your post, I'm definitely going in there the next time I'm at downtown disney. All the stuff look so cute and nice ^o^

    1. Awww great! I'm happy I can share cute stuff with my followers. They always have new stuff in there every time I go back. =D Thanks for following!


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