Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pics from Mickey's Halloween Party!

Hello Princesses! Hope everyone is doing well. Last week, my boyfriend and I, along with his awesome cousins, went to Mickey's Halloween Party! We chose Peter Pan as the costume theme! This was my second year attending Mickey's Halloween Party. I must apologize that I didn't to take as many pictures as I wanted to. I was very distracted by the spooktacular decorations and music! 

If you have never attended Mickey's Halloween Party, you really should! There are trick or treat stations throughout the park, and plenty of villains you don't see during normal park hours, out and about for you to take pictures with! Check out select dates here and purchase your tickets now! The closer you wait to Halloween, the more expensive the tickets are. And if you're an Annual Passholder, you get a discount! So, go make some memories with your loved ones!

Hey, look! It's John, Peter, and Slightly!

My boyfriend hiding behind his Crocodile costume. =P

John and Michael! How adorable is this picture!

Ghostly Mickey!

Michael with the Crocodile? Wat!

Lost Girls! 

This group of friends had pretty awesome costumes! 

Bye, Belle! 

For your enjoyment, this is a short video I recorded while we were just hanging around Main Street. It's not much, BUT, I absolutely love how Disneyland used the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. Everyone was pretty tired from walking around haha. And please ignore my weird sounding voice on! =P

Thought I'd share some really cool new Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise!

I was sad that the Indiana Jones ride is currently closed. =( 

Mine and my boyfriend's candy haul!

 Some trick or treat trails have healthy snacks available, such as packets of apples, craisins, and carrots. Just ask for them! =)

What are your Halloween plans? Are any of you dressing up as Disney characters? Please leave a comment. I love hearing from all of you! 


  1. AHHHHHH so excited to see you on Saturday and check out treasures at Downtown Disney. <3 Your costumes look so cute together!

    1. Thanks! =) I know! I can't wait to see you! It's been way too long!

  2. Wahh it looks so much fun! And love the costume theme, you guys all look so fabulous hehe.
    This makes me REALLY wanna go to the halloween party now! :C

    1. Hi Cindy! It was a lot of fun. You and you bf should go with some friends. If you go early this month, tickets are around $46. I think it's worth it! Hope we get to meet up soon. :)

  3. Hi BASI sister,
    I always love seeing people dressing up and attending Halloween parties.
    Your costume looks cute! :D
    Haven't been to one, but I'd love to go if I have the chance. (:


    1. Hi Tiana! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It's always nice to chat with a fellow BASI member! You should definitely go if you have the chance. Disneyland really brings loved ones together. =D

  4. Aww I love your costumes!! Your little video makes me want to go there during halloween! I wish we lived closer...I would want to get annual passes :D

    1. Hey girl! Hope you're doing well. =) Aww thanks! Where do you live?? I hope you have a chance to go during the Fall or Winter. The xmas decorations are so beautiful at Disneyland! Don't miss out on that!

  5. YAAAY FOR NBC!!!! Haha I will NEVER get bored of NBC and I love how they used the soundtrack! So awesome!
    You guys looked soooo cute hehehe. Disney looks amazing as always :D

    1. Hey hun! Awww thanks. Wish you could've been there! It was a lot of fun. :) Next year hopefully!


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